Welcome to the Georgia Federation of Music Clubs (GFMC). We are actively engaged in the National Federation of Music Clubs Festivals program designed to promote study, stimulate interest in American and world music literature. Georgia has many Junior Festivals occurring every year where member students pursue and earn performance trophies.  These Festivals are not competitive events but opportunities to perform and receive evaluation where each participant reaches toward a high standard of musical achievement. We desire that every Georgia music teacher would join this encouraging program since it assists with student retention and musical excellence.

GFMC has Senior Clubs that meet to mentor Junior Clubs with Festivals as well as, for personal music enrichment, enjoyment and friendly harmony.  Senior Clubs are delighted to promote creative and performing arts in Georgia .

Additionally, there are abundant and diverse opportunities for students to obtain scholarships and opportunities through the National Federation of Music Clubs whose deep wells of resources are available to its members. After reviewing our website please also go to NFMC-music.org for more information.

We stand ready to assist you as we may.  It is our delight to further our mission to support and develop American music and musicians!  Please review the present opportunities that Georgia Federation can offer you and your students and join us in this wonderful adventure!

NFMC, founded in 1898, is the world’s largest philanthropic music organization supporting American music and musicians. It is one of three music organizations to be chartered by the United States Congress and the only music organization member of the United Nations. There are 6,000 NFMC-related organizations and music clubs nationally.  GFMC is an affiliate member of NFMC.