GFMC and NFMC offer a number of scholarships and awards for aspiring musicians to continue their music education.  A full list of available national scholarships can be found at the national website

Here are a the scholarships that are offered by GFMC and their most recent winner.  View each one to see their requirements and download the application forms.

Bailey-Cobb Scholarship non-piano 2019 winner: $350
Shawn Zhu-flute (teacher Debra Hughes)
GFMC Continuing Education Piano Scholarships 2019 winners: $600
9-10 grade- Brandon Lau (teacher Eriko Ishikawa)
11-12 grade – Colin Shin (teacher Dawn Dalangin)
Floride Dean Piano Scholarship
19-26 year old NFMC members
2019 winners: $2,000
Alexandre Tchaykov – UGA
Caroline Hill Owen – UGA
Sydney Chung – Oxford College
Music Therapy Scholarship Download application